Phosphorous Removal in Contaminated Waters

Bio-Science has developed and is currently developing new technologies for the removal of phosphorous in contaminated waters. Phosphorous contamination is a problem occurring more and more throughout the world. Phosphorous is a common component of fertilizer and is commonly introduced into waters through over fertilization of surrounding land, groundwater runoff and soil erosion into water bodies. Although phosphorous is an essential for all life, levels exceeding 40 ppb are considered toxic by the EPA. Higher levels of phosphorous in waters lead to eutrophication or out of control growth of algae and other microorganisms. Eutrophication of water in turn leads to oxygen depletion of water with adverse effects on fish, plant life and recreational activities. Public beaches and water bodies across the US are currently experiencing major problems resulting in reduced use or shut down. Bio-Science’s new technology will remove phosphorous from water by a complex process that causes phosphorous to precipitate out of the solution.

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