Odor Contamination

After the initial success of our soil remediation technology, we reformulated our product to target another problem area: offensive odors. We began with pig farms in Iowa in the early 1990’s and expanded into various car rental agencies to eliminate the smell of smoke from their vehicles. We also have been instrumental in eliminating odor from discharge stacks at waste treatment plants, including the Connecticut Resources Recovery plant in Hartford, the Municipal Treatment Facility in Bristol, RI, and more (see references). The most common approach to odor contamination is to employ a simple masking agent, a fragrance more powerful than the offending odor; but this approach ignores the actual cause of the odor, and concentrates entirely on masking the smell; results vary, but generally speaking, the effect is temporary and incomplete at best. The reformulated Bio-Science product consumes and digests the actually contaminant, completely eliminating the cause of the odor thereby producing superior results for our highly satisfied clients.

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